5 Factors That Can Affect Your Recovery If You Had A Meniscal Tear Surgery

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February 9, 2018
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5 Factors That Can Affect Your Recovery If You Had A Meniscal Tear Surgery

Meniscal Tear

Just like any other knee injury, a meniscal tear can be extremely painful and constricting. While not all meniscal tears require surgery, it sure takes time to heal and get the knee functioning effectively. However, several factors play a role in deciding if the knee needs to be operated.

Meniscal tears are most common amongst sports persons and can be treated. The intensity of the tear helps us decide if it needs to be operated or not,” informs Dr Ashwani Maichand.

The menisci are two cartilages that sit between the thigh and shin bone at your knee. It covers the knee from the inside and outside. They act as shock absorbers, and distribute the impact of shocks around the knee. This helps stabilize the pressure on the joints, thereby preventing them from damage.

Where small, stable, and tears with good blood flow may not need surgery, the ones that are more complicated, need surgery at the earliest. The amount of time taken by each patient to recover varies, depending on multiple factors.

The menisci grow weaker as you grow older. This causes the recovery from surgery dependent directly on your age. The younger you are, the lesser time you will take to heal.

The more you weigh, the difficult it is for your body to cope up with the recovery. Therefore, people with higher weight are likely to experience a longer recovery time.

It is advisable to get up and move around after the surgery. However, if you are extremely active, you might need to control your daily activity a little bit. The recovery comes early for those people who were active before the surgery compared to those who were sedentary.

According to Dr Ashwani Maichand, patients with arthritis are likely to experience a lengthier recovery time. Since the knee is already weak, it needs due rest and care after being operated.

Type of surgery:
The type of surgery that is done also impacts the amount of recovery time needed. The one that simply removes the damaged tissue portion takes lesser recovery time, compared to the one which needs suturing the tears at the edges.

No matter what type of surgery a patient undergoes, rehabilitation exercises are always a part of the recovery process with the leading orthopedic, Dr Ashwani Maichand. These exercises help in improving and maintaining the range of the knee along with helping it regain the required flexibility.

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