A patient from Lucknow gets a new life after Dr Ashwani Maichand performs a complex knee replacement surgery

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A patient from Lucknow gets a new life after Dr Ashwani Maichand performs a complex knee replacement surgery

Replacement surgeries were considered to be most difficult among all orthopaedic surgeries. There was a great deal of risk associated with these surgeries. A number of patients used to avoid replacement surgeries due to several complications that come along.

Many patients used to delay the surgery due to various medical conditions that were affecting their decision. However, the times have changed. Today, the same replacement surgeries are performed with MIS technique (Minimal Invasive Surgery). There is no need to cut the affected area, which doesn’t cause any bleeding. Blood transfusion is not required and the patient is not shifted to ICU.

Dr AshwaniMaichand has conducted several complex surgeries in the past through MIS technique, where the patient was able to perform all the activities. He has performed a number of spine, shoulder and knee replacement surgeries. Dr Maichand is dedicated towards making this surgery as simple as possible. One such incident took place recently, where the patient had come all the way from Lucknow. Mr Kamlesh had issues with his knee and he was desperate to end the misery.

The patient had undergone a surgery in ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) in 2008. But he again suffered an injury in 2014 by falling down. This time his diabetic level had gone up vigorously. The injured area got infected and Mr Kamlesh had to undergo multiple surgeries, hence, the knee surgery was delayed. Since then, the patient couldn’t pull himself up for knee replacement as the fear of surgery had overtaken his mind. He took medicine for close to 4 years.

In 2018, Mr Kamlesh came to Dr Ashwani Maichand and discussed about his problem as he wasn’t able to perform any activity. Dr Maichand was able to convince him for the knee replacement surgery after talking about its advantages and consequences of delaying the same. The surgery was done through MIS technique and the patient was able to walk with the help of a walker from the very next day. On third day, he was able to walk without any support and started using stairs soon after.

Today, he is fully fit and credits Dr Ashwani Maichand for clearing his doubts regarding the surgery and performing the same in the best possible manner.

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