An accident rendered Satpal bed-ridden. Dr Ashwani Maichand helped him get on his feet again

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An accident rendered Satpal bed-ridden. Dr Ashwani Maichand helped him get on his feet again

The case involves a 55-year-old gentleman named Satpal Parmar from Gohana (Haryana). Year 2016 did not turn out to be good for Satpal as an accident that occurred right at the start of the year caused a physical challenge for him. Satpal fell from a chair; this sudden, strong jerk led to severe backache. The injury in his back was also accompanied by long episodes of radiating pain, plus numbness in his right leg. Standing and walking became difficult for Satpal. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan indicated Disc Prolapse (PIVD) at L4-5 and L5-S1 levels.


Satpal consulted medical experts, who suggested undergoing physiotherapy, but it did not bring him much relief. He was also prescribed painkillers and steroids. However, it gave temporary relief to him. He was then advised to undergo an open spine surgery. Satpal was skeptical about the success of such surgeries. So he decided to take an alternative opinion, and consulted Dr Ashwani Maichand.


Dr Maichand, a renowned orthopedic in Delhi, and his team examined Satpal’s condition and considered endoscopic spine surgery to be the best solution. Dr Ashwani Maichand briefed Satpal about the benefits of endoscopic spine surgery, and cleared all his doubts. The surgery also included fixation of the prolapsed disc, which might have otherwise led to lumbar pain in the future. Satpal showed faith in the medical team, and went ahead with Dr Maichand’s decision.


The surgery was successful. Two levels (L4-5 & L5-s1) of endoscopic discectomy were conducted on Satpal through a single incision of 1cm. Also, an advanced percutaneous method was used to fix the prolapsed disc. This method ensured that no collateral tissue damage took place throughout the surgery.


Immediately after the surgery, the pain and numbness in Satpal’s right leg got cured. He was able to walk up to the washroom on the same day of the surgery. Moreover, Dr Maichand’s team recorded a significant improvement in Satpal’s condition post the surgery. He was discharged from the hospital just in a day.

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