Common Causes and Reasons For Hand Pain

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Common Causes and Reasons For Hand Pain

hand pain

Hand pain can be caused due to various reasons,as we rely on our hands to perform a number of complex activities throughout the day. Dr Ashwani Maichand, a well-known orthopedist says that physical activities and all the injuries like sprain, fracture, and other accidents can lead to hand pain.

At the time of accident or falls, we tend to stretch our hands and cause injuries to them. Sometimes, we don’t even realize when an injury happens and after a couple of months, the same injury can cause hand pain. There are 27 bones, around 120 ligaments, 29 joints, 48 nerves and 17 muscles in each hand. Our hands are able to perform so many activities only due to this complex system.

However, every complex system is prone to injuries, and hands are no exception. In order to know about the common causes of hand pain, it is important to understand that there are a number of nerves in several other places that are connected to our hands and can cause trouble to them.

Here are some common causes for hand pain:

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome:A small opening through carpal bones is known as carpal tunnel. According to Dr Ashwani Maichand, when this opening becomes narrow in carpal tunnel syndrome and the medial nerve becomes compressed, it causes pain in the hands.
  2. Hand and finger fractures: Fractures often cause swelling and pain at the injured area. In some cases, the tangled bone is visible to the naked eye. These fractures can cause numbness and pain in hands.
  3. Trigger finger: Trigger figure is caused when a tendon develops a nodule or thickened area, which stops it from sliding freely. The figure is locked at a certain point when a person tries to straighten it.
  4. Arthritis of hand: The hand joints are susceptible to arthritis. A smooth cartilage covering the ends of the bones of the joint erodes, causing pain in hands. While as, in rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune condition affects the joints, causing pain and inflammation of the joints.
  5. Ganglion cysts:They occur along the tendons or at the joints and look like a small fluid-filled lumps. They can put pressure on the nerves if they are placed in a wrong position and cause hand pain.
  6. Sprained ligaments: They connect the two bones to form a joint. Our hands contain a number of joints and any one of them can sustain an injury leading to pain and irritation.

Dr Ashwani Maichand suggests to use non-surgical methods. However, in serious cases when a surgery is must, the state of the art procedures are beneficial rather than conventional methods.



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