Dr Ashwani Maichand performs challenging bone surgery on toddler from Panipat

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Dr Ashwani Maichand performs challenging bone surgery on toddler from Panipat

The number of emergency medical cases are increasing, and it has become very important to deal with challenging situations. That puts not just the doctors, but the whole medical community under a lot of stress.

According to Dr Ashwani Maichand, a leading orthopedist in Delhi, with the advancement of technology, certain challenges have died down in the last decade, while new challenges are emerging every day. This profession demands commitment, patience and determination.  Dr Maichand and his team are always willing to serve the humanity and never shy away from taking difficult decisions.

Recently, one such incident took place where they had to take a crucial decision. A three-year-old boy from Panipat fell down from stairs and fractured his forearm. A local hospital had earlier tried close reduction of bones, but the X-ray post reduction wasn’t convincing. The bones were completely displaced and it wasn’t possible to leave the bones in such a state, as the movement of forearm was completely restricted.

Dr Ashwani Maichand and his team had to make a quick decision pertaining to the condition of the bones. They decided to fix the bones internally after reduction, but the process wasn’t easy. It is usually difficult to achieve reduction in children, because the bone formation starts very early. The biggest challenge was to fix a rod inside the bones without opening the fracture. But, Dr Maichand, backed by his experience, showed immense determination along with his team members to complete the procedure successfully under C-arm guidance.

After fixing the bones, they decided to monitor the same through X-ray, which was absolutely perfect. Not only this, but the patient was discharged only the next day, which was remarkable. Even though it was nothing new for Dr Ashwani Maichand and his team, but every case holds its own significance for them. The case again proved that, with right attitude and will, everything is possible.

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