Dr Ashwani Maichand : Things to do if you are recovering from joint injuries

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Dr Ashwani Maichand : Things to do if you are recovering from joint injuries

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Top orthopedicians like Dr Ashwani Maichand often recommend engaging in regular physical activity to keep the body healthy and toned. The golden rule to fitness is ‘working out’daily. But what if you are struggling with a knee injury or an ankle sprain? Well, your physical discomfort can certainly become a huge roadblock in your pursuit to be active. And for those who can’t spend even a day without hitting the gym or sweating it out on the field, bouncing back strong from an injury becomes absolutely imperative.
Dr Ashwani Maichand lists four easy tips that can help you recover quickly from an injury and gain adequate physical strength.

  • Pay attention to pain


There is a difference in being sore and being hurt. Muscular tenderness is natural when you exercise, whereas unceasing and unbearable pain is a sign of injury. So catch your body’s signals and acknowledge the pain. It is better to get the injury diagnosed before it escalates to something severe.

  • Learn from your mistakes
    Go back in time and figure out what exactly went wrong. Understanding how you got injured is equally important as your mind and body will be more attentive the next time you are about to commit the same mistake. This will help you a great deal in avoiding injuries.
  • Stay under supervision
    Consulting an expert is the key when it comes to correcting poor body postures and maintaining right muscle balance. Therefore, it is recommended to see a specialized orthopedician or physical therapist for a detailed and safe rehab plan.

    Your road to recovery can be difficult if you can’t let go of sugar, white flour, alcohol, and so on. It is rather advised to fuel your body with nutrient-packed meals. Also, adequate hydration is extremely important. You could also consult your specialist and get supplements like glutamine or chondroitin for quick joint rebuilding.
    Dr Ashwani Maichand advises following the rehab plan diligently for a few weeks to improve muscle strength. He also suggests doing stabilization, core, and flexibility exercises to heal the injury quickly.
    You could also get in touch with Dr Ashwani Maichand at Fortis Hospital for more joint health tips and guidance.

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