Haryana man with severe spine defect cured by Dr Ashwani Maichand with painless surgery

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Haryana man with severe spine defect cured by Dr Ashwani Maichand with painless surgery

Kishore, 35, from Narela (Haryana) had met a terrible road accident. It left his back considerably damaged. This story is how Dr Ashwani Maichand brought Kishore back on his feet.

Kishore had severe pain around the middle region of the back, which grew unbearable with each passing day. He lost his mobility. Standing straight on his legs and taking a walk to the restroom became nearly impossible for him.He was completely bedridden.

Kishore underwent a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan and an X-ray that showed D-11 fracture in the spinal column. However, Kishore’s toe movements were fine. Also, no neurological disorder was diagnosed.

A specialist, whom Kishore had consulted initially, advised him bed rest of at least two months. Another doctor recommended open fixation of spine, which involved complications like a long recovery period and limited body movement. Meanwhile, the injury in his spine was getting worse. Kishore was badly troubled by subsequent loss of the spine’s natural curvature. He then approached Dr Ashwani Maichand.

After a detailed examination, Dr Maichand suggested conducting a surgery for percutaneous fixation. However, this surgery was to be based on the advanced minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedure.  Unlike a large cut done during the traditional ‘open surgery’, MIS involves fewer tiny skin incisions. A camera is suspended to the surgical site for the surgeon to undertake the operation. This cutting-edge technique is increasingly preferred by surgeons as it involvesless blood loss, faster recovery, and minimal scarring. Also, the post-operative pain is much lesser in this kind of surgery.

The operation went successful. The entire procedure took Dr Maichand less than two hours. Moreover, no blood transfusion was required during the surgery. Kishore could feel the difference immediately after the operation. He could walk without any intense pain. Not just that, Kishore started walking without the help of a walking aid just within six hours of the surgery.


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