Dr Ashwani Maichand Talks About The Significance Of Ergonomics

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Dr Ashwani Maichand Talks About The Significance Of Ergonomics

Significance of Ergonomics

West Delhi’s leading orthopedic Dr Ashwani Maichand says that “human factors” and “ergonomics” are fundamentally synonymous. Ergonomics is a branch of science with an aim to realize the abilities and limitations of human. Ergonomics is a study of designing products, workplaces and systems, such that they are suitable for the human body.

The main objective of ergonomics is to improve workspaces and to minimize the risk of injury or harm. Most injuries at work are caused by physical stress and strains that are a result of repetitive movements, wrong posture and sitting for prolonged hours on inconvenient chairs. These injuries include: stress and strain on your muscles, nerves, joints, and spine. There is also a risk of problems, such as bursitis and tendinopathy.

Putting emphasis on understanding ergonomics, Dr Ashwani Maichand apprises that most workplace injuries can be prevented by adjusting tools to the employees. Besides, the users must maintain a proper posture so that the impact of repetitive movements can be reduced.

Significance of Ergonomics:

By choosing ergonomics in their daily life, several people have prevented the tremendous pains and sleepless nights. Considering the contributions of ergonomics in orthopaedic, Dr Ashwani Maichand enlisted why ergonomics is important for good health.

  • Ergonomics is a science where furniture is designed to provide comfort, health and a stress-free life in long term. It is important to avoid the discomfort of sleepless night and irritated behavior due to stress and pain.
  • Ergonomics techniques lessen the effects of orthopaedic conditions and injuries. It is scientifically proven that furniture designed with ergonomics techniques prevents all kind of pains in the body. By incorporating these, one can lead a normal and healthier life.
  • The process of selecting ergonomic furniture is carried out carefully. Most of this furniture is examined wisely, whether or not it meets the criteria set by chiropractors.
  • By considering the body size, strength, skill and even attitude of an individual, ergonomics ensures a safe, comfy and productive workspace. It brings the abilities and limitations of humans into the workspace design, making it personalized adaptive for individuals.
  • Apart from workspaces, ergonomics also resolves the increasing needs of elderly people by providing restful furniture and chairs. Despite sitting for prolonged hours, ageing people keep themselves at bay from feeling any kind of pain.

Dr Ashwani Maichand says that ergonomics indeed keeps people away from orthopaedic problems, yet it is important for users to use their body properly and sit in a proper posture.

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